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Aalberts Surface Technologies - Birmingham is also the home of Nitrotec® Services, a specialist patented process ideal if you seek to minimise weight, maximise strength and expect the component to be used in environments where corrosion protection is a must.

Contacting us directly through through your sales specialist is always reliable - however, if you need non-technical information about your components in our system, contact us on 0121 322 2280.

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Welcome to Birmingham

Aalberts Surface Technologies in Birmingham is conveniently located less than 1 mile from J6 of the M6. The site controls our wholly owned patented Nitrotec range of treatments on site as well as to approved, licensed users around the world. Nitrotec is a highly specialist process used by leading automotive manufacturers, hydraulic and actuation system providers, machinery builders and producers of consumer goods and electrical switchgear.

Additionally, we carry out a comprehensive range of PVD coatings to a host of industries and markets for both decorative and functional applications.

For press tool forming dies, we often apply a heat treatment process in combination with PVD where the steel substrate is often not hard enough in itself to work in the application. We call this process Iontec-H where, in combination, our duplex process greatly improves fatigue and indentation resistance to allow better functionality and longevity of the tool.

We also offer hardening to austenitic stainless steels through our Stainitec process which produces an extremely hard surface ‘S-phase’ layer. The surface hardness of the layer can reach up to 1400Hv and is always over 1000Hv. It is even possible to apply a PVD hard coating on top to further enhance wear resistance and friction characteristics.

We commit ourselves to the highest quality, not just treating materials but also the way we treat to our valued customer. We always work in close cooperation with our clients and are able to tailor our processes to the specific requirements so that our knowledge can be your strength.

Approvals not within the scope of one site can be found within another and we have a national transport network to help support a diverse customer demand.


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