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Aalberts Surface Technologies - Heat occupies a large site within the heavily industrialised East Lancashire region and offers extensive heat treatment processes to multiple market sectors.

Contacting us directly through through your sales specialist is always reliable - however, if you need non-technical information about your components in our system, contact us on 01254 264901.

specialised heat treatment and surface technologies
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In addition to the application of a heat treatment, we provide all necessary additional services from technical advice, improvement of customer processes, testing laboratory and a logistic service (pick-up & delivery) for our customers.

We maintain our quality systems and standards to the latest ISO9001 revision to ensure precision and reliability of service and are also self-certified to CQI-9. For us, “best in class” is about the flexibility with which we service our clients and the way in which we can integrate our processes in their supply chain.

Approvals not within the scope of one site can be found within another and we have a national transport network to help support a diverse customer demand.

We commit ourselves to the highest quality and always work in close cooperation with our clients to tailor our processes to exacting requirements so that our knowledge can be your strength.


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