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Nitriding Services - and operates from a purpose-built premises in Telford, and specialises in low distortion, low temperature, thermo-chemical processes and modern vacuum treatment techniques.

Extensive approvals in Aerospace & Defence, Energy & Power, Oil & Gas and Automotive markets coupled with unrivalled capacity, ensures that we have fully controlled capability in high end Quality and Service levels.

Contacting us directly through through your sales specialist is always reliable - however, if you need non-technical information about your components in our system, contact us on 01952 677372.

specialised heat treatment and surface technologies
Welcome to Telford

Aalberts Surface Technologies in Telford has capacity capable to handle a comprehensive range of product and batch size, from small series through to 10 tonnes in weight, and sizes up to 4.2m long and up to 1.6m diameter.

The staff at Telford are expert in advising the nitriding characteristics achievable from all material types, from low alloy steels to high quality grade stainless steels and Inconel alloys.

Our nitriding range includes our “controlled gas nitriding” which is a fully controlled and automated process. It is a development of the standard gas nitriding process where constant monitoring of the load temperature, time, dissociation atmosphere factors and nitriding potential (Kn) translate to automated action inputs which enhance repeatability and consistency and fully remove the need for human intervention during the cycle.

In addition to the application of our processes, we provide all necessary additional services from technical advice, improvement of customer processes, research laboratory and a logistic service (pick-up & delivery) for our customers.

For us, “best in class” is not only about our core technologies, but also in the flexibility with which we service our clients and the way we are able to integrate our processes in their supply chain.

We commit ourselves to the highest quality and always work in close cooperation with our clients to tailor our processes to exacting requirements so that our knowledge can be your strength.


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