PVD for Decorative Finishes

Hard wearing PVD Coatings are excellent decorative coatings to replace traditional electroplated and painted finishes such as gold plating as well as provide alternative colour finishes.

Our decorative PVD Coatings are typically <1.5 micron thick and will not tarnish, chip, fade or corrode. e.g. PVD ‘gold titanium’ plating has extremely high hardness (10 – 20 times harder than gold) which provides excellent scratch and wear resistance compared to traditional decorative gold electroplating which is typically 0.5 microns thick. Although extremely hard, it is worth noting that the thickness of the PVD coating applied is however very important – very thin PVD coatings (0.01 microns) will also scratch.

It is also worth noting that PVD ‘gold titanium’ is not the same as PVD deposited gold coating.

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PVD Data - Decorative

 PVD Decorative colours


Thin decorative PVD coatings are typically deposited on top of stainless steel. The PVD coatings can also be applied directly to other materials such as titanium or nickel alloys. We can deliver a decorative black coating as well as PVD Gold, PVD Brass, PVD Nickel and PVD Bronze.

Other coating colours are available - contact us for more detail.  These provide highly scratch resistant finishes whilst maintaining the original surface texture of the product. This is a very attractive attribute of PVD coating, so the coated steel still has the same touch and feel of metal. Colour coating of steel using PVD achieves an excellent result - PVD Gold is a favoured colour for many high-end consumer and business products.


commonly treated materials

  • Stainless steel 
  • Titanium
  • Architectural steel
  • All other steels

surface finish 

Surface finish of the part to be coated does play a significant role in the appearance and final colour obtained.

PVD coatings can be deposited onto a polished, brushed, blasted, rumbled or satin finish as well as ground or machined finishes. These different finishes will affect the final visual appearance of the colour. The surface finish or texture of the coated part will not change after PVD coating.

specialised PVD coatings

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