Optimised Nitriding

Optimised Nitriding is a highly controlled Gas Nitriding treatment for alloy steels, which is capable of meeting all the requirements of traditional Nitriding processes. From controlling the temperature, time and atmosphere extremely carefully, the Nitriding Potential in the furnace atmosphere is controlled - and therefore the concentration of nitrogen in the surface - to allow very accurate control of the growth of the hard surface compound layer.

One reason to use this type of surface treatment optimisation is to control the white layer of the metal or steel alloy. By using 'Optimised Nitriding' - to deliver metal hardening over traditional Nitriding methods (such as gas or salt bath) it is possible to improve on the Nitriding specification requirements to produce a surface compound layer with more controlled properties and thickness.  Nitriding is a key component in the heat treatment of steel. 


Benefits of Optimised Nitriding 

This advanced Nitriding technology delivers accurate control over the Nitriding process and provides excellent repeatability of results. Previously, long cycle times and brittle compound layers have held back the use of Nitriding as a surface hardening treatment. The advanced process control offered at Aalberts Surface Technologies has overcome these issues providing more rapid furnace cycles and excellent control over the compound layer, its form and thickness.
  • Control of the thickness of the compound (white) layer and its properties
  • Elimination of nitride networks within the diffusion zone
  • Control of case depth
  • Control of surface hardness
  • No distortion
  • Consistent and repeatable results


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common materials and components for Optimised Nitriding

Customers use Controlled Gas Nitriding (Optimised Nitriding) on parts such as inlet and exhaust valve springs, crankshafts, gears and bolts for fixings onto concrete.

For oil and gas industries many safety critical components are treated in order that excellent performance in the field is generated.

708M40, 817M40, 722M24, 905M39. and their equivalents are normal for our services. Tool steels such as BH13 can also be nitrided.

For further information on 'Optimised Nitriding' please contact Telford plant or visit the Nitriding website 
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