Precipitation Age Hardening

Precipitation Hardening
, also known as Age Hardening, is used to increase the yield strength of specific materials. Hardness of the materials is also increased.

The treatment often includes a primary stage solution treatment which is carried out at high temperature and can be performed in isolation (either by the material manufacturing process or in a billet form prior to machining) or as a continuous process – depending on the next manufacturing steps. Solution treatment is then followed by one or more secondary, low temperature, age hardening treatments to achieve the final properties.

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Different properties can be achieved by altering the time and temperature of the precipitation hardening treatment and care should be taken in specifying the ageing condition as this often effects the corrosion resistance of the material.


typical materials for Precipitation Hardening

Ti6Al4V, Ti6246, Allvac, Al7075, Al6061,13/8PH, 15/5PH 17/4PH, MP35N, M300, BeCu.
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