PVD Coating
PVD Coatings are traditionally deposited onto cutting tools and forming tools to extend the life of the tool. There is a very wide range of PVD Coatings from which to choose all having extremely high hardness (2000 - 3500Hv); the choice of coating depends on the application. Coatings have different properties such as hardness, chemical composition, colour and friction coefficient.

The PVD Coating process is essentially an atomic plasma spray treatment inside a high vacuum chamber. The process is carried out at elevated temperature(up to 450°C) and is a ‘line of sight’ operation. The common coatings deposited are Titanium Nitride (TiN),Titanium Carbo Nitride (TiCN), Chromium Nitride (CrN) and Aluminium Titanium Nitride (AlTiN) with many variants of these also available.

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 PVD Coatings
 PVD Anti-gall

PVD coatings are traditionally applied to high speed steel or cemented carbide tools and dies to improve tool life. However they also prevent anti galling (of stainless steels for example) and are used as scratch and tarnish resistant colour coatings in decorative applications. PVD adds a wear resistant coating following either induction hardening or flame hardening. The coating may be a duplex PVD coating, and often it is a decorative coating for steel or other metals.
Commonly Treated Materials:

Tool Steels
Cemented Carbide
Nitrided Steels
Stainless Steels
Titanium Alloys
Nickel Alloys

Main Markets That Use PVD: 

Tool & Die, Medical, Decorative
specialised PVD coatings

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