Tufftride® & QPQ

The Tufftride® process of Durferrit is a Salt Bath Nitrocarburising treatment carried out at 580°c to produce a hard, wear-resistant surface. It is common to follow with an oxidising treatment to enhance corrosion protection which also results in the characteristic black surface finish.

Corrosion resistance of the steel is enhanced by formation of the surface layer in a similar way to many other Nitrocarburising treatments. Fatigue strength and indentation resistance is superior to untreated steel due to a diffusion layer beneath the compound layer. The depth of this diffusion layer depends on time of the Tufftride treatment and the type of steel being treated.
This treatment acts as a good alternative to chrome or nickel plating. 

Benefits of Tufftriding:

  • Increased surface hardness (typically 800-1500Hv to a depth of 0.05mm)
  • Improved fatigue strength
  • Increase in corrosion resistance (with the oxidising treatment)
  • Increased wear resistance
  • Stability in dimensional changes during treatment
  • Anti-galling/ anti-scuffing properties

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QPQ is the name given to the Quench, Polish, Quench treatment of Tufftride®. As the name implies, parts are quenched after Tufftriding, polished to restore the surface finish (surfaces are roughened during the Tufftride process) then re-oxidised in the oxidising salt bath. Due to the improvement in surface finish, QPQ provides enhanced corrosion resistance over straightforward Tufftriding along with reduced friction coefficient. 

If choosing a Tufftriding treatment, consideration must be given to component geometry, particularly blind threaded holes which are prone to blocking by the salt.

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alternatives to Tufftriding

An excellent alternative to Tufftride is our very own Nitrotec® process. For a more detailed insight into Nitrotec and its many applications, please visit our dedicated website: www.nitrotec.co.uk
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