Stress Relieving Steel

As the name implies, the purpose of Stress Relieving is to remove internal residual stresses from steels. The stresses may have come from the steel making mills, machining, forming, welding or even former hardening processes with irregular cooling.

If residual stresses are not removed prior to final hardening, distortion may occur, whilst if stresses are left in components before they go into service, then premature failures can result, as well as more subtle movement causing the parts to go out of tolerance. 

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For steel, the best way to prevent cracks or new stresses in the material is to perform Stress Relieving. This normally carried out between 500°c and 650°c during which period the heating and cooling is conducted slowly. 

The time at temperature for the material can be upwards of 60 minutes to several hours.

Typical parts that benefit from stress relieving are large and complex welded assemblies, castings with a lot of machining, parts with tight dimensional tolerances and machined parts that have had a lot of stock removal or rapid stock removal
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