Titanium and Titanium Alloys Heat Treatment
Various types of processes are used to optimise mechanical properties dependent on the composition of the alloy and the desired design requirements that need to be achieved.

Titanium alloys have the benefit of being able to achieve excellent high strengths particularly in applications where weight needs to be reduced when compared with the heavier ferrous alloys. Carefully controlled heat treatment, particularly for the Solution and Age Hardening process, can provide comparable properties to some of the high strength precipitation heat treated or aged ferrous alloys.

For these reasons, many of the parts we treat for Aerospace and Formula 1 components are made from titanium alloys.

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titanium and its alloys are heat treated by

·        Stress Relieving:

o   to reduce residual stresses from fabrication or machining without adversely effecting strength or ductility.

·        Annealing: (Mill, Single, Duplex, Beta)

o   to optimise ductility, Increase fracture toughness, dimensional stability, machinability and creep resistance.

·        Solution and Age Hardening:

o   predominantly to increase strength with optimisation of properties such as high temperature fatigue, creep and fracture toughness.


categories of titanium

There are three main categories of titanium alloys which are classified by the dominance of the phase present: Alpha, Beta and Alpha-Beta.

·        Alpha and near Alpha alloys

o   cannot be strengthen by Solution and Ageing but can be Stress Relieved and Annealed.

·        Beta or near beta alloys

o   Stress Relieving and Ageing can be combined, Solution treatment and Annealing treatments may be identical operations.

·        Alpha- Beta alloys

o   are the more versatile of the titanium alloys where a mixture of the processes can be used along the manufacturing route to maximise properties. One of the most commonly used Alpha- Beta Aerospace alloys isTi6Al-4V.

specialised heat treatment and surface technologies

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